Sponsorships – help along the way

As I already mentioned, the main work for the project is being funded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. A lot of the travelling will involve camping out along the coast so I decided to email a few select outdoor companies to ask for some help with equipment. All were keen to help and have been great in providing me with some gear for the trip.

Gear sponsors Terra Nova

Terra Nova:………………

Why Terra Nova?

“Best in class” / New ground! Holding the world record for the lightest tent (sub 600g) and being an Everest climber’s first choice it’s not exactly difficult to see why I asked Terra Nova for help! I mean look at this list! Although this trip does not involve any real mountains I needed gear that could stand up to a lot of salt water, UV and heat over sustained periods. Terra Nova tents are not only UK based (Derbyshire) but they also have a constant gear testing program and are always interested in pushing their gear to its limits! So let’s hope for salt, sea, sun and fish (?!).

Gear sponsors Rab


Why Rab?

Again, UK based company Rab was my first choice for clothing sponsorship. The UK bit was one reason for the choice but to be honest the main reason was their environmental policy. Rab do not claim to be 100% “green” – I mean, unless you live naked, and graze on grass and bark, who is?! But they do make a concerted effort towards being a greener company. It’s kind of difficult when you need to develop materials that can stand the most extreme conditions in the world, but the first step is awareness and motivation – something Rab definitely has. The fact that they make gear that really lasts is also a big bonus. not only does buying one piece of gear every 25 years save you money but it also means lower impacts on our planet. Anyway, I don’t want to preach – at least now you can see why I am lucky enough to have Rab on side. Hopefully with a bit of luck I can put the gear through its paces and see if it does actually live up to the name!…oh and they have a cool heritage.


Gear Sponsors – Merrell

Why Merrell?

Well, if I am honest there was no ulterior motive here. I just knew Merrells were good shoes and I can already tell you the Moab Mid GTX’s  are really comfortable, sturdy and fairly fresh – even in 28°C heat.

Travel grant

The Challenger Society for Marine Science have also been kind enough to grant me a travel award which will help towards the costs of travelling to some of the more remote areas in Chile.

Challenger Society of Marine Science

I am eternally grateful to the WCMT, Challenger, Terra Nova, Rab and Merrell for their help with funding and gear. Without their help the trip would not be possible.

I now just hope the fisherfolk are as forthcoming as all of the above were. Speaking of which, I have an angry looking man with a cleaver to talk to in the fish market (Mercado Central de Santiago (A))!

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