Finding a better way to fish

So you now know how I got here – WCMT.

You also know the background to the project – our marine fisheries are in trouble!

But I still need to tell you a little bit about what I aim to do whilst I am here in Chile. In which case the easiest thing is for you to have a read of my WCMT application.

“UK fisheries are being managed unsuccessfully. The number of many fish species in our seas is decreasing, yet the demand for them is increasing. It is therefore essential that we take new perspectives to fisheries management. Chile has emerged as a nation that has implemented innovative and original fisheries management strategies early on in its development. My WCMT will allow me to learn about these successful strategies and bring knowledge of them back to the UK.

Comparing the UK fisheries to Chilean fisheries

 I intend to meet with Chilean researchers, policy makers, fisheries managers and fishermen to gain an in-depth understanding of the research that is conducted in line with Chilean fishers and understand how Chilean researchers contribute to the sustainable fishery initiatives. I aim to investigate opinions of the current management strategies being used and try to understand what makes for successful interventions between the stakeholders, managers and scientists.”

So, I am in Chile funded by the WCMT to speak to fishermen, scientists and fisheries managers to see if I can learn what has made some of the Chilean fisheries so successful.

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