Thanks very much Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill

Right, so let me explain briefly why I am writing a blog.

Well, late last year I thought:

Studies are soon coming to an end, what should I do?” then I started learning about some fisheries “stuff” in Chile and thought…” oh this Chilean fisheries stuff sounds interesting, be great if I could learn more about that !”

then this happened…



and I remembered about the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust !”



You can read for yourselves what the trust is about by clicking on the above link. But, to cut a long story short, I applied, had an interview and was lucky enough to have my proposal accepted to travel to Chile and look at this “Chilean fisheries stuff”.

I am therefore writing a blog so:

1) the people at WCMT can see what I am up to

2) anyone with a vague interest in fisheries may find this interesting

3) my family can make sure I am still alive

4) I can show you some cool photos on my travels around Chile

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